Molix MTW 90

Molix MTW 90


  • Action
    • Floating
  • Length
    • 9 cm (3.1/2 in)
  • Weight
    • 16 g (5/8 oz)
Molix MTW 90
#37 Luna Nera
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  • Molix MTW 90
    #37 Luna Nera
Molix MTW 90

#37 Luna Nera

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Additional information

The performance of Molix MTW 90 amazes all those who love fishing top water, it is a lot of fun of a lure to use, but especially deadly with those predators that hunt on the surface. The special arrangement of the skewed weights and a design that radically differs from the standard of walking the dog, originate a particular fluttering effect, different and effective in fishing. In addition to the side sliding, in fact, the Proteus develops the vertical oscillations of the head, another alluring action. The MTW 90 is very appreciated among the freshwater bass fisherman but it also works great with asps and other predators. In saltwater is a great tool to chase sea bass, bluefish and dorados among the others.

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