Molix Supernato


  • Deep Range
    • Variable
  • Length
    • 7 cm (2.3/4 in)
Molix Supernato
#201 Moss Brown Craw
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  • Molix Supernato
    #201 Moss Brown Craw
Molix Supernato

#201 Moss Brown Craw

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Additional information

The Molix Supernato and new 2013 Baby model is a hybrid crankbait offering a whole new level of versatility. The idea was to have a crankbait that you can use inside heavy cover and thick vegetation as well as open water, and that also works at a variety of depths (depending on retrieve speed). Created with the best materials and assembled by hand, piece-by-piece by selected craftsmen, it is built with two different sections - one hard and one soft. Available in several colors, the Molix Superato was developed by Molix, a cutting-edge lure company from Italy, which boasts a pro staff including the likes of Bassmaster Elite Series veterans.

The Supernato is coated with a special film that provides the bait with a very realistic skin effect. It will be available in eight unbeatable color patterns. It is 2.75 in long and weighs about ¾ oz. 

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