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  • Lightweight, resistant and safe, the particular rounded shape guarantees maximum freedom of movement to the lures. It is made of hi-grade steel, perfect for any technique where its use is necessary; spinning f in the fresh and salt waters, eging and trout area game.

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  • These “egg shaped” Hyper Snaps are suitable for heavy duty purpose. Deliver consistent robustness, maximum tensile strength, resistance to abrasion and rust, an accessory that can be used both in fresh and saltwater

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  • It is an extremely robust and strong fishing snap,it is made of stainless steel and finished in black nickel.The closing mechanism determines a double safety and tends to prevent, with great effectiveness, the accidental opening of the snap during the fight with the fish.Their reliability has made them the first choice for pike and wels catfish fishermen....

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  • Classic snap for a moderate use in freshwater applications. Built with stainless steel.

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  • New accessory from Molix recommended for the heavy duty applications both in fresh and saltwater. Instead of the classic split ring, these ball bearing swivels are equipped with a weld wing able to withstand heavier tension. They are built with special grade rust proof steel.

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