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  • The Sneaky Frog Baby perfectly combines the points of strength of a frog lure with the finesse topwater bait It’s born to be used skipping, walking the dog, or simply letting it slide on top of the water. A unique and innovative swimming action. The lifelike skin and 3D colors give it a captivating and particularly attracting pattern.

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  • The Sneaky Frog EVO perfectly combines the strengths of a “frog bait” with the strengths of a topwater bait. Designed to be used as a Walking The Dog lure or to be skipped inside the covers. The body shape and the hidden weight helps the  wtd action and gives a perfect over balance. The heavy duty inclined double hook gives an improved hookset...

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  • A new hybrid bait developed by Molix, with the contribution of Carl Jocumsen, Australian-USA Pro Angler, expert and talented frog angler. It was conceived by exploiting the hydrodynamics and the buoyancy of the realistic body of a classic frog bait. The double tail made of a high density mixture creates high frequency vibrations. The two parts of the bait...

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