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  • The MX Rock replicates the head’s shape of a small fish, and you can combine it in an original way with various finesse baits. The special tilted shape allows the use of this jighead both with linear retrieve with small worms and stick both with vibrant presentations on the bottom when using creatures and shrimps. On the hook’s shank there is a unique...

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  • Detail and functionality wasn’t over looked when it comes to the Molix Racing Jighead. Each jighead provides a perfect balance during retrieves and enhances the natural “stand up” posture of creature/craw soft plastics. The weedguard is composed of nylon fibers, offering solid hook-ups.

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  • The WT Jighead has been designed for the SHRIMP 2.5” but you can use it with any bait that need a similar presentation, lying on the bottom in a natural position tickling the hostility of predators.

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