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  • The GT Football-Jig is a classic Jig rich in details, like the skirt mixed with finesse rubber and the fine silicon filaments to make it ultra natural during the swimming action and in the stop phases. The worm keeper has a double hook made of stainless steel that fixes and keeps the bait firmly to the jig even after the intensive use. It is equipped with...

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  • The Molix Kento Jig is built with versatility in mind. Each jig head has been perfectly shaped and balanced for an easy penetration and perfect swimming. The number of fibers of the weedguard is based on the jig weight and combines a perfect weedless effect for solid hook sets. Offering a bait keeper, soft plastic trailers will be firmly held. The Kento...

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  • The Nano Jig is designed for finesse applications when a subtle and natural presentation is required. It is an evolution of the Racing Jig head with the addition of an ultra-fine silicone skirt and reinforced the weed guard. It’s ideal for a perfect presentation inside thick covers or to let it slip between the surfacing structures. The versatility of its...

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  • The Tenax Jig Wide Gap is an evolution of a Molix’s classic. It is equipped with a costumized hook by OMTD, designed to improve the performance of the lure in vertical presentations and during stand up phases even with large trailers, ensuring safe hook settings even when you are fishing in intricate covers.

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