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  • It is a soft bait developed from the body of the Rashad 3.8”. It keeps the high density mixture and the aroma of shrimp and fish extract. At the end of the body, the small tail with a sickle shape, gives particular vibrations that are extremely attractive; particularly in clear waters or in very “pressed” waters. The bait is versatile and lends itself...

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  • It is a soft bait developed by Rashad 6 ‘’ for large predators fishing in freshwater and saltwater. The well known hydrodynamic shape of the body ensures stability and a movement that is transmitted by the generous tail with a sickle shape. Due to that, the new mixture of the soft bait, produces abundant vibrations already at the first hint of retrieval....

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  • Developed on the body of the Molix RaGrub, this bait is dedicated to large carnivores. The distinctive features of RaTwin are the two tails that will create narrow vibrations, particularly attractive thanks to the soft but resistant compound that allows the movement of the tails even at very low speed. The pockets along the body make it usable even with...

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