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  • RT Shad is a little and realistic soft shad, designed thanks to a soft high density mixture. The special design imitates the shapes of a tiny forage fish, which will trig the predatory instinct of lazy and suspicious predators as well. The dynamic profile shape and the bulky paddle give it an original and realistic movement, and also a great stability,...

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  • Thanks to its size this bait can be used to catch all kind of predators. The particular shape and position of the lip has proven extremely effective in triggering more bites. The swivel improves its rotation. It has two different eyelets for different action: the front one is ideal for trolling fishing, casting it in shallow water, and stop-and-go...

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  • This lure is specifically designed for pike and catfish fishing with a custom-tail-blade that has proven to be super attractive for these predators. The heavy Zinc-Alloy weight allows the lure to be fished in deeper water both casting and jigging. Unlike the lighter baits with the Spin Shad you can precisely vertical jig even with strong currents or wind,...

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  • The SS Shad 4” means “Special Swimming Shad” because with this new soft swimbait we worked to provide you with a very special bait. It’s made with a premium flavored plastic blend that gives the lure a natural action and increases its attractive power. The special flat shape comes from the study of hydrodynamic flows. It’s made to enhance the movement and...

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  • The Molix Virago is a versatile bait with a thin lively tail, and a unique hollow body construction. An excellent baitfish imitator, it has an extremely lifelike swimming action on a variety of rigs, and also features incredibly realistic detailing and finishes. Constructed from super soft yet durable plastic that allows it to come to life with the...

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