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  • Freaky Flex is a small creature that perfectly combines the details and the functionalities. It is made of a new MOLIX FORMULA developed by Molix, it is an extremely soft and flexible floating compound, which is more cut resistant and it is enriched with salt and shrimp scent. The special appendices create micro vibrations during the swimming action...

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  • The innovative Molix SC Bug is a perfect combination of details and functionality. The special appendices give it a kind of micro-vibrations that combined with the hollow ball on the tail make it a special lure. A real unique Molix lifelike action that can let you conceive soft bait fishing from a differenct prespective. Incredible swimming  action in any...

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  • The new SWD Worm is the closest Dragonfly imitation from the Italian designs of Molix Workshop. It features double thickness flaps to enhance the floating power. The heavy density plastic mix increase casting distance  and lifelike legs that trigger aggressive bites during steady retrieves. The SWD Worm is two baits in one, just cut the head to use it as...

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