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  • The high weight in relation to its volume improves casting performances of this compact ABS classic jerkbait. The fast sinking action speeds up the sinking phases, and allows you to probe even the deepest areas where the largest predators live. The Jubar 70 Fast Sinking (FS) is characterized by a lively and attractive swimming action with every type of...

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  • Finesse sinking jerkbait with an extremely catchy and unusual action. Consent to successfully explore the subsurface and medium depth layers. Well balanced during unvarying retrieves, preserves an entirely natural swimming action even in strong currents or during faster retrievals. It’s easy to use and, regardless of its weight, it casts easily. Jerked...

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  • Perfect for jerkbait fishing due to its extremely enticing fast sinking with an original, atypical movement. The Jubarino FS can be casted easily thanks to the increased weight, allowing you to successfully explore the subsurface and medium depth water’s layers. This lure is well balanced during steady retrievals, it maintains a completely natural...

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  • It is an innovative Jerk bait that incorporates all the best features of the bigger model of 18 centimeters. It can be casted easily without flickering, maintaining a clean and linear position. You can use it, with excellent results, on shallow waters searching for seabass and bluefish.It is equally effective for pelagics in deeper water in offshore...

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  • It is an innovative Jerk bait. The armor is stainless steel and is armed with three treble hooks of high quality. It incorporates the renewed Molix’s  system of transferable weights D.L.S. (Dynamic Load System) that enhances the versatility of this lure maintaining an optimal structure in swimming position and during the twitching action. During linear...

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  • A long jerk that has been developed and perfected to exhaustion. It casts far without flickering and great performance in shallow waters, equally efficient for scanning deeper waters when retrieved with the rod tip down. The thru-wire construction and the new Molix D.L.S. (Dynamic Load System) transferrable weight system enhance the versatile performance.

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