• The Street Fishing Bag is a fishing bag made of a special  water resistant Premium Quality material,100 % Polyester. It is equipped with 8 pockets, 2 of them internal. It has an easy  ‘book’ opening that will allow you to not pull the bag off. It has various hooks and accessory keepers where you can fix anything you want. The Handle and the shoulder strap...

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  • The Molix Lure Case is a lure tackle box born from the request of accessories specific for Street fishing, trout area and rock fishing where a light and essential equipment is a necessity. The construction with durable materials, like the cover in carbon look and the large zippers ready to sustain the continuous openings, guarantees solidity. The sturdy...

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  • The Elite Lure Case is a new version of the appreciated Molix Lure Case.Inside it  are placed 4 neoprene sheets. On these sheets there are engravings to put the lures with the single hook, ideal for the Trout Area Game lures. In addition to the cover in carbon black is also available in camouflage fabric. Sizes:17 x 13 x H. 4 cm6.70 x 5,12 x H. 1.57 in

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  • The Tank Bag is a handy multipurpose waterproof bag,made of Eva, for sea fishing and freshwater fishing. The robust design allows you to store inside a large amount of accessorie and tackle box. You can turn it into a practical tub for transportation of live baits with the ability to insert an Oxygenator. It has a shoulder strap for transportation, salt...

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  • The Tactical Bag is a necessary accessory for the modern fishing techniques like the Street Fishing and the Area Fishing. Despite its compact size, it allows the angler to store and carry inside it what he needs for the fishing session. It is equipped with 2 more pockets and a frontal sheath to insert forceps or scissors.What makes it unique? The Rod...

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  • Brushed sweatshirt. Cotton (85%) and polyester (15%), the color is anthracite gray. Slim fit.

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  • Designed and produced in Italy at the Jack Fin laboratory, the TPopper, Tropical Popper, has been built with the best raw materials and high standard handicraft production.The resins used for the body construction guarantee the required sturdiness and is matched with the thru-wire construction, an armored mix to withstand the most dramatic shocks.A...

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  • Started as a handmade lure, it has developed into a production product yet completely respecting the original design by Jack Fin. This lure is the perfect combination between craftsmanship and the multiple advantages of an ABS construction with zero tolerances.  Featuring a classic walk the dog action it adds smoothness very much like a pencil bait...

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